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Network Administration and Security

We offer complete IT services for companies large and small, including:

  • Installing, Configuring and Maintaining Network Servers, Mail Servers, Terminal Servers...
  • Managing your Internet Connections, Routers, Firewalls....
  • Windows Small Business Server (all versions)
  • Windows Server (all versions)
  • SQL Server (all versions)
  • Exchange Server (all versions)
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Office (all versions)
  • Small Business Networking
  • Workstation Maintenance
  • Security and Anit-Virus Scheduling
  • Hardware upgrades and repair
  • Internet Multimedia Applications
  • FREE Network Evaluations
  • SPAM Filtering and email Server management
We are a Microsoft Solution Partner and are CISCO certified.

  • Installing business-wide email servers that allow email access from anywhere to all employees while reducing spam and offensive content before it reaches the desktop.
  • Providing the ability for the business owner and/or employees to access computer systems in the office from remote locations via VPN's and/or remote access software so they don't need to carry laptops or other files home with them each night.
  • Providing security assessments to expose & identify network vulnerabilities and intrusion attempts partnered with solutions to minimize exposure to external and internal threats and malicious attacks.
  • Tracking employee internet activity.
  • Providing long term maintenance of our client's systems including keeping them up to date with the latest anti-virus software security patches.
  • Designing, and implementing backup and disaster recovery solutions.
  • Acting as an emergency support option when your current internal support encounters a situation that requires experience that is not in house.
  • Other services are more specialized and can be addressed on a client by client basis.

What makes us different

  • When we first come to your site to talk to you about our services, it will not be a sales representative who will come speak with you rather a technical person who will be able to evaluate your environment on the spot.
  • The network & security solutions we provide are in place in our office. We wouldn't sell any service that we wouldn't use ourselves.
  • We do not put any markup on hardware. We didn't make it so we don't charge the customer any more for it.
  • No employee turnover... unheard of in our business. The same employees that supported systems 24 years ago are still supporting their clients today.
  • Five of us have been independent business owners so we come from understanding business operations and the impacts of choices made on operations and profitability.
  • We also develop internet and software applications so we can help our clients grow in that area of their business after the network and security infra-structure is in place.
  • Our technicians have the technical expertise and/or certifications to consult and support you in these areas.

Benefit from our services if you say YES to any of these questions
  • Have you ever received email with a virus or had your system hacked because you did not have the correct security or filtering in place? (Would you know if you did?)
  • Do you have an existing network supported internally, by an external person or by a "friend" who is no longer able to support you or no longer exists?
  • Do you know that there has to be better way to do things using computers but do not know where to turn or even what questions to ask? Could it be that you are buried in paper and a custom scanning solution could dig you out?
  • Are your users complaining that their computers are running slow?
  • Has one person in the organization shown some capacity to do some network or computer maintenance but is now lost in the support of the system and unable to do the job they were originally hired for?
  • Are you tired of getting customer "no-service" by having to navigate through mail systems and never reach a person? And when you do you get to restart the same description of the problem all over again?

Benefit from our services if you say NO to any of these questions
  • Do you have a specific plan and a method of data recovery if disaster recovery is needed do to virus, disk failure or any of a number of reasons so you don't loose your data?
  • Does your email filter out offensive content?
  • Are your employees able to work, check email or copy files from home to leverage their available time there?
  • Can you access all your business email contacts from one place or do they have to exist on your business and personal computer contact list duplicating the information?
  • Do you have a Web site? (Your competitor does)

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